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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Smash Burger- Fast Food Review

There is something that most of you don't know about me. I am.......a comic book geek. Yep, say it loud, say it proud. It's not that I necessarily keep it a secret, it's just something that rarely comes up in everyday conversation, and therefore, not common knowledge to most. The mythos of comic lovers would lead you to believe that we are all hermits, living in our parents' basements, hiding behind the anonymity of our computer screens, having myopic interests (those interests being comics, talking about comics, complaining about comic books that have been turned into movies and, of course, watching lots of porn), and that all of them are male. I assure you that most of those stereotypes are true, but they're slowly changing. I'm still often the only female browsing my local comic book shop, and still get stares from the male shoppers. Not sure if these stares come from....

  1. A woman being in their midst.
  2. I often browse after work, in office attire, so maybe their wariness stems from worry that I'm some kind of narc. 
  3. Seeing someone at the Batman rack that does not have severely inflamed acne.
  4. A strong distrust of anyone that actually has a paying job, and is therefore an interloper.

This is not a tutorial on geeks in their natural habitats. It really does involve food, it just takes me a while to get to the point, but just stay with me, and you will be rewarded.

My love of comics at times leads me to comic book conventions. I am fortunate to have a husband who indulges this sick love of superheroes and their multiple universes, and so he escorts me to these conventions. We made our way to Mid-Ohio Con a couple of weeks ago, and he only had one request and that was to eat a Smashburger location.

I may have mentioned at some other point in this blog that the hubs and I are always on the hunt for the perfect burger. Some consider pizza the perfect food, for others of us, it's hamburgers that take that honor. So, part of this red meat journey led us to Smashburger. The burgers there are good, far above your average fast food burger. The patty is thin, seared to a nice crust, and you can get a wide variety of fresh toppings. They are extremely juicy and greasy (in the best possible way). I went through five napkins in a blink. 

Though the burger was above average it could not compare to the greatness of their Smash Fries. 
 They differ from their regular fries in that they are fried in olive oil and then sprinkled with sea salt and rosemary. They are the height of decadence in a fast food basket. Yum.

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